A lot of you may not know this already, but I am a landscaper and gardener by trade. My general profession is to work with bigger and smaller building companies to work as a contracted landscaper and gardener for both property renovations and new build homes. Sometimes I even work on commercial buildings to work on both their front and back garden spaces. The projects always fluctuate and depend on what the home owner or commercial property owner would like to be completed. We have worked with many companies in the London area, and we have also generally worked in the United Kingdom for the past 15 years. It was a passion that turned into a career, but I am very lucky that I get to keep the passion that originally drove me into doing it as a career.

I have worked on many large projects throughout my company’s history that I have really enjoyed. Some of them have been enjoyable projects to complete such as the commercial properties that are large and have very specific requests to be completed. One of these larger projects that I really enjoyed completing involved a very large water fountain to be surrounded by flowers such as roses and chrysanthemums. This kind of landscaping project is fun for a gardener like myself because I am used to performing the relatively same projects over the last few years.

Many customers do not understand just how much of a difference a landscaper or gardener could make within their property. At the same time, I also personally believe many home owners do not realise just how much of an impact a nice, lovely looking garden can make for both the homeowner and the guests they may have. Everyone loves a nice garden, but one that has been worked on is so much better. A garden that is clean and trimmed always looks better than natural gardens that haven’t been worked on. Another benefit to having a clean garden is being able to use it in the summer time. If you have built a deck with the garden, then you could create a very nice area for you to take advantage of when the weather is good.

Since most home owners that require my services have their own property on the ground floor rather than living in a flat (of course), you can imagine how large some of the projects I have worked on in the past are. My enthusiasm for working on these projects has grown from my love for gardening, and I believe that the best people to hire when looking for a landscaper are those who are still passionate about their profession. Like in any industry, eventually someone may perform the same task too many times and eventually run through the motions on projects. I have seen this happen to many landscapers in recent times and it always disappoints me to see. Wallington Landscapers are just one of the companies that makes sure to put passion in what they do!

There are still many landscapers like myself within the London area and in the United Kingdom that love to be innovative with these projects too. I think it is useless to start on a project if you cannot contribute anything more than the shears that would be necessary to cut the hedges. Those within the industry need to keep ourselves bright and always willing to learn new things to ensure we can complete the best project possible.